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Walking (instead of running as Lara normally does) is a move in the Tomb Raider Games.

Classic Games

In the Classic Games the player had to hold down the Walk Button while simultaneously pressing the desired direction button: Pushing fore- or backwards will make Lara walk. Pressing either left or right will make her sidestep slowly - note that there are exception to this rule: In Tomb Raider there were designated buttons for sidestepping on PC and PlayStation, in Tomb Raider II for PC as well, while on the PS there is a designated sidestepping button, and so on.

While walking, Lara will stop at edges instead of going right over it. She can also walk through spikes or splinters.

Pressing the walk button while also pressing the Jump and Up buttons simultaneously will make Lara will do a Swandive. Pressing the walk button, while pressing the Action and Up buttons simultaneously when pulling up from a ledge will make Lara do a Handstand.

Later Games

Starting with Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend the left analogue stick was used for movement on the Consoles. While pushing the stick fully, Lara would run, but when pushing it only slightly, she will walk.

When playing the LAU or Reboot Games on the PC with keyboard and mouse, one has to press a designated walk button to make Lara walk.

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