Tomb Raider Chronicles Controls

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MovePlayStation PCComment
RunUpUpWill also be needed to make Lara crawl, jump, sprint, climb... ahead.
Hop Back DownDownLara will hop back one-block-length. Enough for a running jump.
turn left/rightLeft/RightLeft/RightCan be used while standing or while running.
WalkRight1.gifShiftUse directional buttons (up,down,left,right) to decide where you want to walk.
The walk button will also be needed for a handstand or a swandive.

Right1.gif + Left/RightDelete (left)
PageDown (right)

On the PC the left and right sidestep are still unique buttons, on the PlayStation it was integrated into walk.
LookLeft1.gifInsert Use the directional buttons in addition. Can also be used for lasersight and binoculars.
RollCircle.gifEndLara will make a roll; a 180 degree turn. You can also use it under water.



Lara will jump straight up. If you press any direction she will flip that way. If you jump ahead and press left or right in the air, she will jump there. In the water you need to press this button to dive.
DrawTriangle.gifSpace BarThis button is for drawing the guns and putting them away again. And also for dropping the flare or putting binoculars away.
ActionAct.gifCtrlThe most important button. Climbing, pressing buttons, picking up items, shooting guns and more.
FlareSelect.gif and Right1.gif , Light a flare, or drop it on the ground.
SprintRight2.gif/By pressing sprint while running Lara will run faster. If you press jump while sprinting, Lara will make a Dive Roll.
Crouch/CrawlLeft2.gif . (period)Will make Lara crouch. Hold and press directions to make her crawl. Button is also used for zooming in, when looking through binoculars/lasersight.

Special- and Combined Moves

To make a running jump that will always work do the following: Walk up the the edge you want to jump off. Hop backwards. Run forwards. Press the Jump Button while running. Lara will then leap off at the last moment.

Press Walk, while pressing Action and Up, when pulling up from a ledge.

Press walk, jump and up to do a Swan Dive. Lara can swandive it into water or on even surfaces.

While Sprinting press the Jump Button to make a Dive Roll.

While Sprinting press the Crouch Button to make the Dive Roll. Lara will end up crouching after the roll, making it easier to get into crawlspaces quickly.

The Lasersight can be combined with the Revolver, and the Desert Eagle in the Inventory. Draw the combined weapon and press the Look Button to look through the lasersight. You can Zoom In by pressing the Crouch Button, while still holding Look. Zoom Out by pressing the Sprint Button while still holding Look.