Pyramid of Osiris

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Pyramid of Osiris
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Level No 1
Length (*)
Secrets 7
Special Introductory Level
Location Egypt
Parent / Hub Level:


Level Chronology:
Pyramid of Osiris Tomb of the Timekeeper

Pyramid of Osiris is the first level in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. The player starts here after the introductory story and learns how to handle the weapons, gear (Shield, Staff of Osiris and Grapple) and collects the first Ring and Amulet.

After the level is finished Lara Croft and her companions find themselves in a Hub Level, in a part called Shrine of Osiris.


In the comic style introductory video we see Carter Bell beating Lara to the Staff of Osiris that has been hidden in the pyramid for thousands of years. As he grabs it, he inadvertently frees the evil god Set, who had been imprisoned in Duat, the ancient Egyptian netherworld. Lara and Carter get the Mark of Ammit impressed on their hands; they are now marked for death by Ammit, the soul eater, who devours the soul of the sinners.

But together with Set Horus and Isis are reawakened who had been tasked with keeping Set locked up. Together all four enter the tomb in order to stop Set and his minions from taking over the world and bringing eternal darkness, all while being hunted by Ammit.

As the player takes over the characters, they have to wander deeper into the tomb. As this is a training tomb, they first learn how to use their gear. Lara or Carter, aka the mortals or the adventurers, have to fire up the Torch and set light to two Braziers to raise two blocks from the ground. Then Isis/Horus, aka the two ancient gods or the Egyptians, need to use the Staff of Osiris to close a Set's Mark in order to open the next door. After that the player learns about pressure plates and has to shoot a giant Rotating Eye.

Meanwhile Set raises the first of his undead Skeletons that attack Lara and her companions. Another column, covered in ancient blue glowing glyphs, called Glyph of Osiris, can be raised with the help of the Staff of Osiris. Now the mortals learn how to use their grapple to climb steep walls and getting other players across, while the Egyptians can use their Shield to get other players to higher ground. But all of them can use Bombs to destroy the following Arrow Traps.

Soon after the travellers can collect the first ring. Unlike all the other Rings and Amulets in the game, which are hidden inside Treasure Chests, this one lies on the ground and can simply be picked up. This way the player can start to modify his or her skills.

Crumbling bridges and a Sun Ball puzzle follow. Soon after the players find the Iron Fire Flail amulet. Finally the voyagers have to escape a chasing Ammit across crumbling arches littered with traps.


  • Enter the tomb an learn about the gear and weapons
  • Shoot the Rotating Eye
  • Solve the Sun Ball puzzle
  • Escape Ammit



There are five Red Skulls throughout the level.

  • 1 Hidden behind a gate, near a Mark of Set
When Ammit starts chasing you, after opening the door by using the Staff on the Mark of Set, there is another Mark to the top. Use the Staff to open the door that leads to the Skull.
  • 2 After you have been attacked by Scarabs for the first time use the grapple to to get down to the Skull on the side of the bridge.
  • 3 After being attacked by several Skeletons while trying to deal with Arrow Traps, one can use the Staff to raise a glyph covered column from the ground. Use this to get to the Skull.
  • 4 On a rotating Spike Pillar. Use a shielded character to approach, then jump on top and collect the Skull.
  • 5 After finding the Amulet and having dealt with Skeletons and Scarabs, one has to step on a pressure plate above a spiked wall; the Skull is right above that. Get a shielded player up there to stand beneath and climb up.


This is the only level in Temple of Osiris where the player can simply pick up artifacts that lie on the floor; all other Rings and Amulets are hidden inside Treasure Chests that can be opened by paying with Gems or are awarded after completing Score- or Reward Challenges (see below).

Two non-reward-related pick ups:



Power Ups


The level features five Reward Challenges.

Score Challenges

There are no Score Challenges in this level.

Reward Challenges

  • Complete Pyramid of Osiris in under 6:00
Reward: Iron Spirit of Heb
Reward: Weakened Iron Ring of Khepri
Reward: Max Health Upgrade
  • Knock three Skeletons onto spikes with your Remote Bombs
Reward: Max Ammo Upgrade
Reward: Burned Iron Ring of Set