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The Amulets are a type of item in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and have a similar role to the Relics in Guardian of Light: They modify a characters abilities.

Equip amulets to gain powerful abilities that you share with your allies!
In-game information

These properties are only active when the amulet's power meter of a players is full.

Deal Damage and Collect Gems to activate your amulet's power meter!
In-game information

The power meter fills by dealing damage or collecting gems. When the player takes damage, the power meter becomes inactive.

Your amulet's power meter remains active until you take damage.
In-game information

All amulets (except for the first one) can be found in Treasure Chests throughout the game - players need Gems open these chests - or as rewards for finishing Reward or Score Challenges.

Each player can carry all the amulets he or she can collect, but only wear one at a time. Additionally every player may wear up to two Rings which further modifie the characters abilities.

Unlike rings these amulets do not carry any weaknesses, but like rings they can be categorized by their material and their names or qualities.

List of Amulets in Temple of Osiris


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Regenerating Ammo, Regenerating Health, Bomb Reload+, Treasure Hunter, Supply Hunter
Power Shot, Bomb Damage, Fire Projectiles, Fire Bomb, Regenerating Ammo
Power Shot, Bomb Damage, Ice Projectiles, Ice Bomb, Regenerating Ammo


Power Shot, Bomb Damage+, Regenerating Ammo, Regenerating Health
Treasure Hunter, Supply Hunter, Regenerating Ammo, Regenerating Health
Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo, Poison Projectiles, Poison Bomb
Power Shot, Scatter Shot, Leech Magic Projectiles, Leech Bomb


Regenerating Health, Leech Magic Projectiles
Regenerating Heath, Bomb Radius+
Regenerating Heaolth, Regenerating Ammo
Power Shot, Leech Magic Projectiles


Regenerating Health, Fire Bomb, Bomb Reload+
Treasure Hunter, Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo
Scatter Shot, Fire Projectiles, Fire Bomb
Scatter Shot, Ice Projectiles, Ice Bomb
Scatter Shot, Poison Projectiles, Poison Bomb
Bomb Damage+, Leech Magic Projectiles, Leech Bomb
Power Shot, Poisonous Projectiles, Poison Bomb
Power Shot, Scatter Shot, Regenerating Ammo
Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo, Bomb Reload+
Regenerating Health, Regenerating Ammo, Power Shot
Power Shot, Scatter Shot, Regenerating Ammo


Leech Magic Projectiles
Bomb Reload+
Fire Bomb
Fire Projectiles
Ice Bomb
Ice Projectiles
Treasure Hunter
Scatter Shot
Poisonous Projectiles
Poison Bomb
Power Shot
Regenerating Health

General Properties


The material properties are the same as with rings; see there for more information.

Name of God or Artifact

  • Crook
Modifies Bomb
  • Fetish
Treasure Hunter
  • Flail
Modifies Projectiles
  • Heb
Modifies Health
  • Hedject
Bombs Reload+ (NOT VERIFIED)