Treasure Chests

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Treasure Chests are located throughout the Overworld Hub Level and at the end of most tomb levels of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. They can be opened using Gems and contain Amulets, Rings and - on rare occasions - special Weapons.

There are four kinds of Treasure Chest. The bigger the chest the more likely it yields a rare item.

  • Small wooden chests cost 100 Gems to open. They are made from white weathered wood.
  • Big wooden chests cost 250 Gems to open. They are made from brown wood.
  • Small metal chests cost 500 Gems to open. They are made of silver.
  • Big metal chests cost 1000 Gems to open. They are made of gold. While the other chests can be found all around the Overworld, these can be found at the end of the Tomb levels.

Additionally there is one big blue Community Chest near the Shrine of Osiris location of the Overworld. It contains Community Rewards that have been finished successfully.