Snow Leopards

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Snow Leopards
Snowleopard gm.jpg

Tomb Raider II

The Golden Mask

Tomb Raider Legend

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Animal, Felidae
Weapons Teeth and claws

The Snow Leopard is an enemy in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask, Tomb Raider Legend, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

These animals are found in the mountain ranges of Central Asia - Tibet, Nepal, and Siberia in the Tomb Raider Games.


A typical felidae animal with a light coloured fur accompanied with dark dots.



The Snow Leopards are fast movers, so it's best to find a safe spot from where to shoot them rather than trying to run among them while shooting. They can make a surprisingly large amount of damage.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider they are invulnerable to Poison Arrows, so one has to rely to regular ammunition or Fire Arrows.


Similar Enemies

Similarly behaving and looking enemy in Tomb Raider Legend

Further Information

The actual Snow Leopard is near extinction so it is not a good idea to shoot one. (Well, in the game you will have to, but remember, it's only a game!) There are now about 6,000 animals free in their hunting grounds, but during the 1960s the population was only about 1,000. The Snow Leopard lives in the mountain regions of Central Asia. It can jump as far as 16 meters, that's a record, even for cats. It can grow up to 140 cm from head to tail and a tail length of 90 cm.


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