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Remark: This article describes the Sea Serpent sub-boss in Tomb Raider: Legend. For information about the mechanism in Tomb Raider: Underworld also called the Midgard Serpent, see Jörmungandr.

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Sea Serpent

Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Monster, Mythical Creature
Distinctiveness It cannot be killed by bullets, but only by dropping the four cages on its head.
Weapons Teeth, hazardous spit
Weakness It loves the sound of bells and gets confused by it. Its head can be hurt easily.

The Sea Serpent is an enemy and sub-boss in Tomb Raider Legend.

In the level England - King Arthur's Tomb? Lara finds a huge underground cave with a castle. Inside she finds the remains of the court of Camelot. Lara has to ring a bell to free King Arthur from his shell, which also awakens the Sea Serpent.


Enormous snake-like creature with light purple and green colouring. Spike-like horns coming out of its head.



The Sea Serpent is a powerful enemy, which can spit out some hazardous spit. If Lara happens to drop into the water, the Sea Serpent will toss her out.


To defeat the Sea Serpent, Lara has to use the four cages in this cave after distracting it using by shooting at the bell-towers. The ringing will get the serpents attention and Lara has enough time to use the grapple to pull down the nearby cage. This has to be repeated at all four cages and the serpent will be unconscious for some time. Enough for Lara to escape into a tunnel.

Here she will come across the Sea Serpent a second time. She has to overcome the Interactive Cutscene to survive this encounter. At the end she will point her guns at the beast and it will understand that it has lost this battle.

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