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Remark: This article describes the sub boss Takamoto in Tomb Raider Legend. For information about him as a character, see Shogo Takamoto.


Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Human
Weapons Energy Bolts

Shogo Takamoto is an enemy and a sub boss in Tomb Raider Legend.



Lara travels to Tokyo to retrieve a piece of the Excalibur that has been stolen by him. Takamoto is not willing to give it to her, so she has no choice but to fight against him.


Takamoto is able to shoot energy bolts with the help of the Excalibur piece.


When the cutscene ends, Lara has to quickly run behind a large statue to avoid being shot by the Gun Turrets. There's also a vertical pole that can be used to climb up.

On the upper platform just keep shooting at Takamoto while avoiding being hit by the energy bolts and waves by jumping and rolling. It's also possible to take cover behind the statues on the area.

See also

The sword Lara is after and which piece Takamoto has
The organisation, whose high ranked member Takamoto is

Further Information

Shogo Takamoto is a Yakuza Kumicho (boss) who loves ancient weapons. In addition to being a powerful figure in the Japanese mob, he also became a fixture in the antiquities underground, frustrating collectors and adventurers alike by mixing forgeries with authentic items. Despite his untrustworthy reputation, he continues to be a player due to his ability to ferret out what people really want and dangle it before them, such that their desires overpower their better judgement. His most recent encounter with Lara left a very bad taste in his mouth, but he has been unwilling to risk seeking revenge, because the likely failure of the attempt would mean an enormous loss of face.
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