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Unknown Entity

Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Mythical Creatures
Weapons Fireballs, claws
Weakness Controlled with the Wraith Stone

Unknown Entity is an enemy and also a sub boss in Tomb Raider Legend.

It is affectionately called "Fluffy" by many fans thanks to the fact that it is Amanda's pet.


A dark, fast-moving creature with brightly shining stripes. Skull-like head with omniously glowing eyes.



The Unknown Entity is a monster first encountered in a ruin near Paraíso, Peru where it slaughtered most of Lara's colleagues. The creature's past and even name are unknown; it is contained in a stone called the Wraith Stone that is pried from a portal by Amanda Evert. The full extent of its powers include throwing fireballs, teleporting and merging with other being. One who obtains the stone can have complete control of the entity.

Later on in Kazakhstan, Lara encounteres the creature again. It was brought there by Amanda with the powers of the Wraith Stone. Finally, in the final level Bolivia - The Looking Glass Amanda will merge with the creature to form the Amanda Entity.

In Tomb Raider Underworld

After the events of Tomb Raider Legend, Lara keeps the Wraith Stone in her vault in the Croft Manor, but it is stolen from her by her doppelgänger and given back to Amanda. Amanda later uses it to help Lara fight Thralls in the Arctic Sea level as Lara goes to find her mother.


The Unknown Entity is able to throw fireballs, teleport and merge with other beings. It also moves very fast.


During the first encounter in the flashback section of the level Peru - Return to Paraíso, Lara must escape from the creature in an Interactive Cutscene. Use the normal in-game controls to run further into the level, eventually reaching a dangling rope, which will snap as Lara grabs it - ending the scene.

In Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek Lara's goal is to use her grapple to get the piece of the Excalibur that's attached above the Tesla Gun. The Unknown Entity runs loose, making the job a bit harder. Run to the switches on the edges around the Tesla Gun, and then use the gun to quickly push the large blue boulders away. As all of the boulders have been pushed away, quickly use the grapple to get the sword fragment.

For the Bolivia - The Looking Glass strategy, see the Amanda Entity article.

Similar Enemies

A monster that's created by Amanda Evert, as she combines herself with the Unknown Entity

See Also

The artefact that controls the Unknown Entity

Further Information

Some information has been published about the Unknow Entity, and there's also an unlockable biography for it in Tomb Raider Legend.

From the official site

An unexplained malevolent entity of unknown origin, Lara first encountered it in some ruins near Paraíso, Peru where it slaughtered most of Lara's colleagues.


An unexplained malevolent entity of unknown origin. Lara Croft first encountered it in a subterranean Pre-Incan ruin outside of Paraíso, Peru, where it brutally killed most of Lara's colleagues.
Unlockable biography[1]

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