Yakuza Goons (Shotgun)

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Yakuza Goons
Yakuza Black Suit.JPG

Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Shotgun, grenades

Yakuza Goons (Shotgun) are enemies in Tomb Raider Legend.


The Yakuza Goons with are wearing black suits and they have shorter hair compared to their assault rifle armed variations, some of them even appear bald. They appear to be on a higher rank within the Yakuza. The Yakuza Goons are armed with Shotguns and Grenades.



The Yakuza Goons appear in small groups, and can cause a surprisingly large amount of damage with their aggressive firing and grenade throwing. It's best to try to take them out quickly, doing some evasive jumps and rolls at the same time. Try to take advantage of the Environmental Hazards when possible.

Similar Enemies

Similarly behaving Yakuza Goons, only armed with Assault Rifles

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