Galleries Under Siege

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Galleries Under Siege
The Angel of Darkness
Section Louvre Section
Level No 5.4
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
The Hall Of Seasons Galleries Under Siege Von Croy's Apartment

Galleries Under Siege is a level in The Angel of Darkness. It's the last level of the Louvre Section. The location of the level is Louvre again, but this time it has bee sieged by Marten Gunderson.


Lara has succesfully found the First Obscura Painting, and now she has to exit the Louvre. However, it'll be a lot more tougher, since the galleries are filled with Gunderson's Soldiers and poisonous gas.


A lone Louvre Guard is shown patrolling in the galleries with a flashlight.

The guard is startled by something. Gunderson's Soldiers are shown running on the roof, throwing gas cans to the ventilation shafts. Gas starts to fill the rooms, soldiers are shown hanging from ropes on the gallery ceiling above the lone guard.

The guard passes out by the gas.

  • Marten Gunderson: Swing to sector A9. Fan out and keep low.

Gunderson's Soldiers descend from the ceiling, and look around themselves, armed with Viper SMGs.

  • Marten Gunderson: (walking to the soldiers at the gallery) Ok, maintain radio silece!

Gunderson walks right next to the soldiers showing them an electrical device with the blueprint of the Louvre, with a red mark.

  • Marten Gunderson: You have your targets. Move out!

Lara is walking in a gallery among the glass cases. She narrowly avoids being hit by a flying, glowing Chirugai. Alarmed by it, she points around with her weapon. Kurtis Trent sneaks silently behind her, and presses his Boran X to the back of Lara's head. Kurtis frisks Lara, removing her weapons and taking away the First Obscura Painting. Lara turns around quickly and tries to attack, but fails. Kurtis leaves, and Lara stares at his Chirugai that starts to glow and flies back to Kurtis. Lara then runs after Kurtis, but she is spotted by Marten Gunderson and his soldiers. They start firing at Lara, breaking the glass cases among which Lara is running.

Lara and Kurtis are both running along the Louvre hallway, being chased by Marten Gunderson and his soldiers. Lara keeps running closely behind Kurtis, and she sees how he blows a door open with some supernatural powers, by just raising his hand. Kurtis then uses his Chirugai to cut loose a big, round stone plate that starts rolling towards a door. Lara stumbles a bit while trying to avoid being hit by the flying Chirugai. Kurtis threatens her with it, with a smirk on his face. They both run past the rolling stone plate, it crushes one of the soldiers and blocks the door. Gunderson becomes mad, and punches the stone plate in anger.

Lara is running along the hallways, and sees Kurtis sitting on a railing, smiling, waving a "goodbye" and falling off just as Lara is about to grab him. Kurtis lands to the ground unharmed and Lara runs after him. Kurtis observes her running below for a short time, then runs off. Lara reaches him on an alley but he's knocked unconscious. As Lara leans to Kurtis, someone knocks her out too. One of the soldiers walks away from Lara, and we see him changing into Bouchard's Doorman and walking away.

End Cutscene

Louis Bouchard wakes Lara up, Lara grabs his arm when he's trying to pat Lara's cheeks.

  • Bouchard: You ok?
  • Lara: (getting up and noticing a Periapt Shard on the ground) Bouchard! What are you doing here?
  • Bouchard: No time now. Quickly!
  • Lara: Was anyone around when you got here?
  • Bouchard: No. No one. Come on!
  • Lara: Bouchard. I must get back to Von Croy's apartment. There's something I have to check out there.
  • Bouchard: Your friend's place. Of course. Where is it?
  • Lara: Rue Valise. The Chantell building. Do you know it?
  • Bouchard: My driver will. Get in.


  • Find a way out of the Louvre.





First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

There are not really any specific obstacles, triggers or puzzles during this level.


The essential part of the level is to gain the ability to sprint, which is done by picking up the Respirators.