Challenges (Tomb Raider 2013)

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There are several Challenges throughout the different locations of the game. Every one of these consist of finding more or less hidden objects on the island of Yamatai. Every found object adds 10 XP, as well as every completed challenge adding another 150 XP. These challenges are unlocked by discovering the first item.

Shoot 10 Totems hanging from trees and bridges.
Found in Coastal Forest.
Find and shoot 5 Glass Lanterns.
Found in Mountain Temple.
Light a fire in front of 10 Statues.
Find 5 bird's nests and steal the Eggs inside.
Found in Mountain Village.
Set fire to 5 Banners of the Sun Goddess.
Found in Mountain Base.
Find and disable 5 Alarms.
Found in Shanty Town.
Locate and pick 5 Mushrooms.
Found in Summit Forest.
Locate and shoot 6 Sacks.
Found in Geothermal Caverns
Find and rob 5 landmarks.
Detonate 10 mines scattered on the beach.
Found at Shipwreck Beach.
Locate and burn 4 Posters.
Found in Cliffside Bunker
Locate and shoot 5 Sun Symbols
Found in Research Base