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Pyromaniac is a Challenge in Tomb Raider Reboot. To fulfil this side quest, Lara has to find and shoot 5 Glass Lanterns in the Mountain Temple location.

One of these lanterns cannot be missed, because Lara needs to shoot it to set fire to a barrier she cannot otherwise cross.

Each shot lantern earns Lara +10 XP, the last one that completes the set earns her +150 XP.


There are at least 8 locations, where you can find lanterns:
Lara aiming for a glass lantern
  • At the beginning of the level, inside the second story of the pagoda on the right
  • Up the stairs hanging outside the pagoda
  • Behind the pagoda where Lara meets the first two Scavengers
  • Three inside the building where Lara learns sneak attacks
  • One where Lara has to burn a hole in the debris (unmissable)
  • One to the left (pictured above)
  • Another one to the right underneath the bridge
  • After leaving the burning building, to the right, outside the pagoda
  • Continuing along the mountainside inside a small building on an outcrop