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Tr9 illumination statue.png
Tomb Raider (2013)
Special Challenge
Parent / Hub Level:

Mountain Village

Illumination is a Challenge in Tomb Raider (2013). To fulfil this side quest, Lara has to find 10 Statues in their shrines in the Mountain Village location and light a fire in the goblet they are holding.

When Lara visits the mountain village for the first time in the game she can't reach every statue. This challenge can be complete the second time she returns here during the single player mode, or she has to Fast Travel here later.

Each lit fire earns Lara +10 XP, the last one that completes the set earns her +150 XP.

List of Statues

  • While climbing up the waterfall during the level Cry for Help, on her way up to the radio tower, Lara has an enemy encounter after which she has to climb up to the upper ledges in the water. The statue is at the left end, right where Lara ends up when jumping over from the larger hut or when scaling the left Climbable Wall.

  • While visiting Mountain Village for the second time, Lara leaves Roth to look for the Co-Pilot of the crashed plane. After the second Zipline turn around and head up the stairs. Jump to the platform with the Statue. (53N 712481 UTM 3416184)
  • After killing the two Scavengers (one of them was using the ravine as a toilet), go into the left chamber. (53N 712488 UTM 3416195)
  • After leaving the Hall of Ascention, shoot an Rope Arrow at the arch to the left and slide down. (53N 712508 UTM 3416202)
  • After the previous one, jump to the southern rock and on to the next one. It's around the corner. (53N 712502 UTM 3416185)