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Lara Croft
Born 14 February 1992 (Age: 21)[1]
Wimbledon, London
Nationality British
Education Asian Archaeology studies at college[2]
Occupation Archaeologist/Adventurer
Height 5ft 6[3] / 1.68 m
Parents Richard Croft (father)[4]
Amelia Croft (mother)
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Comic(s) Tomb Raider: The Beginning
Voice Camilla Luddington

Lara Croft is a British adventurer.


As Tomb Raider (2013) is supposed to be a reboot, all of the previous history established in the Tomb Raider Classic and the Next Generation games has been erased.

Early Life

Lara's childhood was privileged and she was initially sheltered from many harsh realities of life. She developed a worldly outlook and a passion for ancient mysteries as she travelled with her parents on their archaeological expeditions. Lara spent her time on the Endurance during her early adolescence years her father used to hire Conrad Roth for expeditions.[5]

Studying Years

Lara studied Asian archaeology at college, where she got to know Samantha Nishimura.[6] During her studying years at university, Lara had several part-time jobs, including bar work.[7]

Early Adventures with Samantha

Samantha Nishimura and Lara have been on adventures together before their expedition to Yamatai. They've been on a backpacking trip in Bulgaria and a hiking trip on the south face of Kilimanjaro. On their adventures Lara has been more interested in exploring ruins, while Samantha has been more interested in visiting the local clubs and running into cute guys.[8]

Yamatai Expedition (2013)

At the age of 21 Lara has just finished her college education. She signs on for an expedition to Asia, to search for the lost kingdom of Yamatai in the Dragon's Triangle. Samantha sparked up Lara's interest in Himiko years ago before the actual expedition to Yamatai by telling her the story of the Sun Queen that was told to Samantha by her grandmother, like the story was a memory.[9]

Lara is determined to seek for Yamatai as finding it could be groundbreaking, and she is certain that it truly exists[10] As James Whitman runs into trouble with funding the expedition, Lara offers to be the researcher as she has done it before and she used to go to digs with her parents.[11] When Whitman's funds aren't enough for the costs of the expedition to Yamatai, Lara suggests that Samantha would ask for her uncle to help financing the expedition. Samantha's uncle agrees to do so, but under two conditions: he'll get 60% of the sale price of anything that'll be brought back from the expedition and that Samantha will be the new camera person.[12]

Shipwrecked on Yamatai

As Endurance sails to the Dragon's Triangle, a violent storm breaks and this results in the ship shipwrecking to a mysterious island, which is later revealed to indeed be the long lost Yamatai. Lara isn't the only one surviving the shipwreck: Jonah Maiava, Alex Weiss, Joslin Reyes, Angus Grimaldi, Samantha Nishimura and Conrad Roth make it to the shore too. However, Lara gets separated from the other survivors and she is captured by a scavenger. She escapes the Scavenger's Den and sets out to look for the others. Right from the start Lara feels that something isn't right about the island.[13]

After regrouping with the others, Lara's best friend Samantha gets kidnapped by a man named Mathias, and Lara has no choice but to set out to save her. It becomes quite clear that some mystery surrounds Samantha, Mathias and his Solarii cult - and the whole island with its unnatural storms. Lara succeeds in saving her friend, but thanks to James Whitman and his obsession with fame and fortune Samantha gets captured by Mathias again.

Loss of Friends

Lara loses some of her very dear friends during her time at Yamatai. First Grim dies at Shantytown when he won't let Lara surrender as the Solarii use him as leverage. Then Lara's dear mentor and father figure, Conrad Roth sacrifices his life to save Lara. Lastly, Alex Weiss faces a tragic death when for once he tries to be a hero and impress Lara, the woman he has feelings for, maybe a crush.[14] He dies on the wreck of Endurance, as he is badly injured and the Solarii attack him and Lara - he blows up explosives in the room where he's stuck under heavy debris, enabling Lara to escape alive.

Secret of the Island

While searching for answers on the mystery surrounding the island and trying to find a way to save her friend Samantha and escape Yamatai with the remaining crew, Lara finds the place where the remains of one Stormguard General are, and she removes the sword that the Stormguard General had struck to himself. She finds a secret compartment from the handle of the sword that contained a note saying the following:

I have failed my queen. The ritual was corrupted. The priestess knew only death could save her and took her own life. Now the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decaying body. Her rage became the storms and would not stop while her soul is tied to this earth. My Stormguard are sworn to protect her. They must continue, but I cannot.
In-game information[15]

The note makes Lara realise that in order to stop the storms and save Samantha she needs to destroy Sun Queen Himiko's body in the ritual chamber, Chamber of the Sun.

Facing Himiko and Leaving Yamatai

When Lara reaches the Chamber of the Sun, the Ritual has already started. The soul of Himiko is transferring to Samantha. Lara fights Mathias and after defeating him she interrupts the transferring of Himiko's soul by hitting the decaying body of Himiko with a lit torch. Himiko's body starts to burn and, as her body is destroyed, the horrid screams of Himiko are heard.

After Himiko has been destroyed, the storms calm down. Lara carries Samantha to the shore where the remaining survivor's of the Endurance, Jonah Maiava and Joslin Reyes are. Samantha survives the damages caused by the Ritual, and all four of them can leave Yamatai for good. They're picked up by a ship at south of the Dragon's Triangle and that ship takes them home.

After Yamatai

When Lara sails on a ship that rescued her and the remaining crew from Yamatai, and a man says how they'll be home soon, she notes "I'm not going home." She looks at a notebook with plenty of notes and with Croatoa distinctively written to a top of a page on the right, implying some future adventure.

Back home Lara has to overcome her trauma, struggling with survivor's guilt while fighting her uncle for her inheritance.

Search for Immortality (2015)

Back in her London flat, Lara finds clues that someone is watching her while she is digging into her father's research about immortality. Her late father's girlfriend Ana tries to convince Lara to abandon her fool's quest and return to Croft Manor. But Lara, having found clues that lead to a location in Syria, travels to the Western Asian country to continue her search.

The Prophet's Tomb in Syria

Arriving in Syria Lara learns that an organisation called Trinity is also in pursuit of the secret to immortality and is high on her heels. She manages to find the Prophet's tomb, but finds the coffin empty. Her only clue is a strange symbol she finds at the exit of the tomb when fleeing Trinity's forces.

Return to Croft Manor

When returning to Croft Manor to research the symbol, she is surprised by a Trinity agent who manages to steal the book from her. Clues from this book lead both Lara and her competitors to Siberia. While she's in Croft Manor, Lara receives a court order accompanied by a personal letter from her uncle Atlas de Mornay, demanding she leave the manor at once, forcing Lara to search for her father's will or proof that her mother is in fact dead.


When continuing her search for immortality in Siberia, Lara makes new friends of the Remnant, when freeing their leader Jacob from an old Soviet Gulag now occupied by Trinity forces.

Expedition to Mexico (2018)


Lara is a bit of a workaholic and an unassuming, rather bookish young woman. She's making her way through life in search of meaning and direction after the disappearance of her parents while on an expedition. Lara also possesses a powerful sense of moral (if not physical) courage and she is clever, resourceful and determined. When necessary, Lara's loyalty to her friends outweighs her fear for her own safety.[16] Lara shares a feeling of being out of place in the world with Samantha and they feed on each other’s thirst for adventure.[17]

Her experiences on Yamatai change her, as she used to be so certain about the truth. But after Yamatai she doesn't know what to believe anymore.[18] As Lara sails away from Yamatai, she says:

I've been so blind... so naive. For years I resented my father, doubted him like the rest. But he was right about so much. I just wish I could tell him that now. There are so many mysteries that I once dismissed as mere stories. But the line between our myths and truth is fragile and blurry. I need to find answers... I must understand.
In-game information[19]

Family Background

Lara's parents disappeared during an expedition.[20] She has a wealthy family, but Lara wants to make her own way on her own terms so badly that she has tied up the money and wealth of her family so tightly that she can't touch the money even if she wanted to.[21]

Lara's family background involves adventure, survival skills and archaeological interests as her parents used to go on expeditions and Lara travelled with them.[22] Also, at one point during the Crossroads Trailer Roth says: "You can do it Lara, after all you're a Croft", referring to Lara's background as a member of the Croft family.

The Croft family name is known at least among people who are interested in archaeology[23] But also the fate of Lara's father is known, and for example James Whitman tells Lara her condolences about what happened to him.[24]

Lara's father, Richard Croft, used to spend more time chasing dreams than facts and he was interested in supernatural and mysterious things - things that can't be always explained rationally.[25][26] He was often doubted by people.[27] Richard Croft is described as a man, who "was smarter, wiser and stronger" than anyone Conrad Roth knew.[28]

Friends and Enemies

Samantha Nishimura is Lara's best friend, and she along with the rest of the crew of Endurance are the closest thing to family Lara has.[29] Alex Weiss has feelings towards Lara, maybe a crush as he wants to impress her and get her to finally notice him.[30]

Conrad Roth was the father Lara needed, and he has taught Lara many things - it's almost as if he was preparing Lara for her experiences at Yamatai.[31] Conrad Roth has also told many stories about Lara's parents to her.[32] Lara was also like a daughter to Roth[33], and he loved her very much and was proud of her.[34]

Lara was a fan of James Whitman, being honored to meet him when he came to the Endurance to interview the crew. Lara has also watched all of his shows.[35] This changed on Yamatai as Lara realised how much of a self-serving man James Whitman actually is.[36] As James Whitman gets more and more consumed by his obsession for fame and fortune he almost changes into an enemy of Lara's, but as he meets his demise, Lara thinks that his ambition eventually got the better of him.[37]

After kidnapping Samantha Nishimura, Mathias and his Solarii become Lara's main enemies during her time at Yamatai.

Further Information

Lara Croft
  • Real Name: Lara Croft
  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Recently graduated Archaeologist. Also worked several part-time jobs as a student to help pay her way through university, including bar work.
  • Interests: Archery, rock climbing & hiking, reading & research.

A bit of a workaholic, Lara is an unassuming and rather bookish young woman, making her way through life in search of meaning and direction after the disappearance of her parents while on an expedition. She is a product of a privileged childhood, and was initially sheltered from many of the harsh realities of life. Growing up, Lara spent time travelling with her parents on archaeological expeditions. She developed a worldly outlook and a passion for ancient mysteries.

The search for Yamatai marks her first job after graduating from university. Although it is her first time as a full crewmember, it is not her first time on the Endurance. She spent time in her early adolescence on the ship when her father used to hire Roth for expeditions, and took several smaller trips more recently as an intern when she could get time away from her studies. Her best friend Samantha and the crew of the Endurance are the closest thing to family that Lara has.

She possesses a powerful sense of moral (if not physical) courage. Lara is clever, resourceful and determined. When push comes to shove, Lara's loyalty to her friends outweighs her fear for her own safety.
Endurance Week: Meet the Crew [38]

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