Stormguard General

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Stormguard General
Occupation General of Himiko's Stormguard
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Voice Daisuke Suzuki[1]

The Stormguard General is a character in Tomb Raider (2013).


The Stormguard General was Queen Himiko's commander of the Stormguard.


He committed suicide, "seppuku"[2] after the Ritual, that should have transferred Himiko's soul to Hoshi, one of the Priestesses of the Sun, was corrupted.[3]

Hoshi had stolen a dagger from the Stormguard General, and used it to kill herself before the Ritual was complete. The Stormguard General saw no other option but to commit ritual suicide, as he felt that he had failed his queen.[4][5]

Endurance's Shipwreck to Yamatai (2013)

Lara finds the location where the remains of the Stormguard General lie, and she removes the sword that he used to kill himself with. She finds a secret compartment inside the handle of the sword that contained a note:

I have failed my queen. The ritual was corrupted. The priestess knew only death could save her and took her own life. Now the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decaying body. Her rage became the storms and would not stop while her soul is tied to this earth. My Stormguard are sworn to protect her. They must continue, but I cannot.
In-game information[6]

The note makes Lara realize that in order to stop the storms she needs to destroy Himiko's body in the ritual chamber.


The Stormguard General is very loyal to Himiko, as he swore the following oath of allegiance to her:

My Queen, as I stand in your light, I swear this oath of allegiance to you. As your first Stormguard and General of your armies, I will serve you unconditionally and protect the lands of Yamatai and all your people. I will stand at your side for the remainder of my days, relinquishing my post only at your command. If I should fail my duties, my life is forfeit. My heart beats at your command, my breath is drawn at your pleasure. From this moment onwards, I answer only to you.
Stormguard General[7]

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