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Roth: An Apology is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the seven Endurance Officers documents.

Roth, I can't believe you're gone. Thank you for everything you taught me. You were the father I needed.


Lara, I'm sorry. I got you into this mess. I made a promise to your father. The last time I saw him, I swore I would look after you, keep you out of trouble. And what did I do? I put you right in the thick of it. Now you're the one looking after me.

You know, you're just like your father. He was smarter, wiser and stronger than anyone I knew. And he never gave up, no matter how tough things got. I worry about you, but I know if there's anyone who can survive this place, it's Lara Croft.

Whatever happens, I want you to know that I loved you like the daughter I never had. I'm proud of you.[1]


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