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Angus Grimaldi
Born (Age: 60+)
Died 2013
Shantytown, Yamatai
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Helmsman, First Aid Officer
Height 5'8"
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Comic(s) Tomb Raider: The Beginning
Voice James Walsh

Angus Grimaldi, also known as Grim, is one of the characters in Tomb Raider (2013) and in the comic Tomb Raider: The Beginning.

The old Scottish sailor is the helmsman and first aid officer of the Endurance.

He is a character in the multiplayer, available from level 8 onwards. [1]


Early Life

In the 1950s Grim grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, in a rough neighbourhood known as "The Gorbals". Early on he developed an interest in boats, and started building his own from scrap, and trying them out on the river Clyde.

Time in the Merchant Navy

When he served in the Merchant Navy, he got to know Conrad Roth and the two formed a long-lasting friendship.

Some time later he also became acquainted with Lara's father whom he calls "Dicky Croft" in one of his journal entries, Grim: The Good Old Days.

Adventures with Roth

Conrad Roth and Angus tell a story about their adventure in Somalia when they're interviewed for being the new crew in James Whitman's next expedition. They're asked to tell about one of their adventures, as they're been doing expeditions together for over twenty years.[2]

Conrad Roth and Angus were "reclaiming a client's personal property" there, and get into a gunfight. Eventually they're locked up into a local prison - or at least into a prison-like facility.[3]

However, Conrad Roth and Angus manage to escape as they spot an unguarded jeep outside and Grim has managed to smuggle a piece of metal that they can use to cut themselves free from their bindings.[4]

Conrad Roth and Angus sum up their adventures in Somalia as follows:

  • Conrad Roth: So then we escaped, got the horse back, stole the jeep, narrowly escaped being shot, stabbed and cut up with a machete.
  • Angus Grimaldi: I'd rate it a seven point day.
  • Conrad Roth: Maybe seven point five.
    Tomb Raider: The Beginning[5]

The Endurance

When Conrad Roth acquired the Endurance, he offered Grim the position of helmsman.

Yamatai Expedition (2013)

During the Yamatai expedition, before the fateful shipwreck, Grim make it his objective to teach the inexperienced scientists how to live on a boat. In one of Samantha Nishimura's, the crews documentary filmmaker's, recordings Grim is seen teaching Dr. James Whitman, the expeditions lead archaeologist, to gut fish.

When the Endurance is shipwrecked Grim is one of the surviving members of the crew.


When Grim gets captured by the Solarii in Shantytown, they try to use him as leverage to make Lara surrender. Grim tells Lara not to do so, and in reply one of the Solarii threatens to cut his throat. When he breaks the skin, Lara is forced to drop her weapon. Grim in contrast taunts the Solarii member by saying "That's nothing, pal. I grew up in Glasgow!"[6]

As Lara is told to kick her weapons off the edge, Grim puts up a fight and he manages to harm the Solarii members with a machete. He then dashes towards one Solarii member, pushing him at a makeshift wall. This results in both of them falling to their death.

Further Information

  • Real Name: Angus Grimaldi
  • Age: 60's
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Occupation: Helmsman and first aid officer.
  • Interests: Football, cats, Irn-Bru

Grim grew up in 'The Gorbals' of Glasgow, Scotland, one of the toughest places in the UK. As a child he always felt a kinship with water and often built makeshift boats out of junk and taught himself to sail on the nearby river Clyde. There’s nothing about sailing and water that Grim doesn't know, and he has sailed all the oceans of the world, which included stints working for the Merchant Navy where he met Roth.

Roth and Grim found a kinship and stuck together after their service. They travelled the world and took any job that paid well, all of them dangerous and most of them legal. Grim and Roth saved each other's skin on numerous occasions. When Roth purchased the Endurance, Roth wouldn't trust anyone else but Grim at her helm.
Endurance Week: Meet the Crew [7]

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