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Games The Lost Artifact

The Angel of Darkness

Comics The Angel of Darkness

France (officially the French Republic [1]) is a country in Europe. It's the largest country in Western Europe, third-largest in the whole Europe. [2]

Lara Croft visits France in the games The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and also in the comics.

In The Lost Artifact

In The Lost Artifact Lara visits a zoo located in France after she has found the Hand of Rathmore. There are a Citroen 2CV and Jeanne D'Arc Statues placed in the area. Also, the fight against Sophia Leigh takes place in France.


In The Angel of Darkness

Lara visits Paris and is attempting to escape from the Policemen, who suspect that Lara killed Werner Von Croy.

She flees his apartment in Paris and escapes to Parisian Backstreets. By travelling across the streets, through a Derelict Apartment Block and Industrial Rooftops Lara eventually reaches Margot Carvier's Apartment. There it's up to Margot Carvier whether or not she gives Lara the Von Croy's Notebook. If she won't give it to Lara, it can be found in the kitchen cupboard.

But soon the police arrive at Margot's place, and Lara must run away to Parisian Ghetto and spend the night in an abandoned bus. On the next day she's off to find Bouchard - the man who Werner last contacted to before his death. But the people there are reluctant to give information on Bouchard's whereabouts, unless Lara has money to encourage them.

There are many places that Lara has to visit before she gets to Bouchard's Hideout, for example a nightclub Le Serpent Rouge and a graveyard. Bouchard gives Lara some passports in exchange for Lara getting equipment for the Louvre.

After narrowly escaping an explosion at Rennes' Pawnshop, Lara enters the Louvre Galleries via the Louvre Storm Drains. From the galleries she makes her way through an Archaeological Dig, all the way to a mysterious Tomb of Ancients. Lara obtains an Obscura Painting and returns from the tomb only to face the Galleries Under Siege, where she encounters Kurtis Trent more closely.

From the Louvre Lara returns to Von Croy's Apartment.


In Comics

Lara also visits France in the comics.

Comic Adaptation of The Angel of Darkness

The events and locations follow the storyline of the game, The Angel of Darkness.


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