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Tr6 traod park.PNG
The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto Section
Level No 2.3
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 2 minutes

Special This is a sub-level of the Ghetto, where Lara can strike a deal with Bernard. Alternatively she has to visit the Cafe Metro.
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Parisian Ghetto Park The Serpent Rouge

The Park is a level in The Angel of Darkness. It's also a sub level of the Parisian Ghetto.

The Park is located in Parisian Ghetto around the Willowtree Herbalist. Except for some money, there isn't much to explore in the Park, the only thing of importance is Bernard that always sits there.

Also, there is a metro station on the right, and there are some items on the other side of the gate. Those can only be obtained via the Bouchard's Hideout, when accessed through the manholes.


Lara hears from Janice about a former janitor of the nightclub Le Serpent Rouge. Talking to him,the man named Bernard, might help Lara to gain access to the nightclub, owned by Bouchard.



Artefacts & Keys



More Gear


Main article: Park Walkthrough

The main thing to do in the Park is to make a deal with Bernard about obtaining the Trinket Box from Le Serpent Rouge. Alternatively one can make a deal with Pierre at the Café Metro.