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The Lost Artifact
Level No 6
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 55 minutes

Secrets 0
Location Europe, France
Level Chronology:
It's a Madhouse Reunion Angkor Wat

Reunion is the last level of The Lost Artifact.

This level has no secrets to pick up, the main objective is to defeat Sophia Leigh in order to claim the Hand of Rathmore.

Lara has to pass through several dark corridors first, infested with undead. Then she crosses a deadly pit by jumping on translucent blocks levitating in the air.

Finally ,the battle with Sohpia begins - Lara needs to make her way to the top, so that her enemy will get to the platform with the Hand. She can then commence with shooting at Sophia until she is dead for good.

At the end of the level, Lara falls into a shaft that leads her to a beach, where a hot-air balloon will await her.


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