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Tr5 cyborg.JPG

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Distinctiveness Can not be killed normally
Weapons Gun

The Cyborg is an enemy that appears twice in the level Red Alert! in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

It has similar features to a human as well as moves, only the cyborg can't be killed by simply shooting at it. In Red Alert Lara finds two ways of bringing down her enemy: by electrocution and by trapping it in a room full of gas.


Bald male figure dressed in a suit, wearing green glasses.



In the first encounter with the Cyborg, Lara shoots open a valve and floods the room. Then she shoots at the Cyborg until its robotic metal skeleton can be seen - this causes the enemy to be electrocuted.

The second Cyborg is lured by Lara into a room full of gas and trapped.

Similar Enemies

Another enemy that has to be lured into its death

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Part of the Helipad Access Key gotten from the first Cyborg
Part of the Helipad Access Key gotten from the second Cyborg

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