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Climbable Ceiling in Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, in the upper left corner there is the Strength Bar in yellow

The Climbable Ceiling (also Monkey Swing) made its debut in Tomb Raider III and returned many times after that. In Tomb Raider Chronicles the term to monkey swing is used for the action of traversing the ceiling.

To climb along the ceiling an overhead frame must be found, and then by pressing the jump key and action Lara will jump up and grab the frame. While moving forwards or backwards or when turning by using the movement buttons action must be kept pressed. Releasing the action button makes Lara let go of the bars. [1]

In Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness the amount of time that Lara can monkey swing is limited. The time depends on the Upper Body Strength Power Ups, and when the Strength Bar has depleted completely, Lara will let of the ceiling.



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