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The Assault Course in Tomb Raider III can be found behind the Mansion in the same place it is found in Tomb Raider II.

When you start the Trainings Level by choosing the Polaroid (Lara's Home) you will find Lara standing in her bedroom. To get to the course, make your way outside the doors of the mansion. When you are outside, run to the far left and circle around the walls around the home until you reach the start of the course.

The outside assault course is much more complex than the previous games.

The inside training area is located near the dining room, on the ground floor. Lara guides you as you go through.

How to get through

  • Step onto the first crate and make a running jump to the second
  • Make a running jump to the next one, making sure you grab the edge
  • Jump to the next one
  • Make a running jump to the crate ahead and grab the edge (if you miss, you will be given an 8 seconds penalty)
  • Jump to the next obstacle; making a swan dive into the water gets you further
  • Climb the crate
  • Jump on the several pillars ahead and reach the slide
  • Slide down a bit and jump to grab the obstacle ahead (if you miss, you'll get a penalty)
  • Climb up and grab the monkey bars ahead
  • Once you reach the end of the bars, let go and swim to the far end
  • Climb up the ladder
  • Use the zipline and don't let go until Lara releases
  • Crawl under the greenery and take the Pistols
  • Run a bit and start shooting at the targets ahead (Lara will switch targets as soon as they are down)
  • Avoid shooting Winston as it is time consuming
  • When all targets are down, sprint to the British flags

Record Times

The assault course in previous TRs