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Tomb Raider Underworld

Enemy Type Regular Enemies
Classification Animals
Weapons Venom and Claws
Weakness Can be killed easily with the Headshot

The Naga are enemies Lara faces in the Thailand levels in Tomb Raider Underworld.


The in-game Naga are quadruped lizards that attack Lara with their venom and claws. There are two kinds of Naga - green ones that can spit venom at Lara and red ones who have a special charge attack.



At first, in the beginning of the level Bhogavati, the Naga are not at all bothered with Lara, and flee when she gets close to them. But later, they decide to attack for no apparent reason once Lara gets to ground-level.

The Naga can be quite difficult to kill and they are very fast and aggressive. They even attack in groups, which makes defeating them much more difficult. They can be killed by shooting or kicking, or stunned with the Tranquilizer Gun, but the effect of it unfortunately does not last long on them, probably because of their sheer size.

Similar Enemies

Another poisonous lizard found in Tomb Raider III in the levels Madubu Gorge and Temple of Puna

Further Information

The Naga, in mythology, are half women half snake creatures [1] and are usually larger than normal humans.



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