Tranquilizer Gun

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Tranquilizer Gun

The Tranquilizer Gun is a weapon in Tomb Raider Underworld.

After some major critique regarding animal cruelty targeted to the game series, developer, and producer, the Tranquillizer Gun was added to the selection of weapons in the game.

It enables players to knock out any enemy for a generous amount of time, giving them opportunity to proceed through the level without their interference. Gamers who are against the killing of animals, (despite the "kill or be killed" headline throughout the series) can now take down enemies using the new weapon, rather than killing them.

It takes about a second to knock the enemies out, but they wake up a minute later.

The Sheridan MK-5 uses compressed gas to fire a 15mm tranquilizer dart at high velocity. The "Mark-5" is a bolt-action weapon where each dart must be manually loaded into the chamber. More than one dart may be required for a large or overly aggressive animals, and some enemies may not be affected at all.
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