Jaguar Thralls

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Jaguar Thralls

Tomb Raider Underworld

Enemy Type Regular Enemies
Classification Undead, Thralls
Distinctiveness These enemies have to be destroyed with a kick-jump, a headshot or explosives.
Weapons Claws and teeth.
Weakness Thor's Hammer, Grenades

The Jaguar Thralls are enemies in Tomb Raider Underworld.

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Their shape resembles that of the regular Jaguar.


They only occur in the Mexico Section but are very similar to the Tiger Thralls found after Lara retrieves Thor's second Gauntlet in Croft Manor.


The jaguar thralls are also referenced in Lara's notes left in the journal.

What happened to the tigers in Thailand happened here as well, to jaguars and ancient Mayan warriors. Anything falling into that toxic, glowing liquid dies, but continues to remain animate, with only one purpose: to kill trespassers and throw them into the pool, where they will join the guardian ranks. Later civilizations probably sealed them up not only to protect themselves from the thralls below, but to stop the curious from going down and adding to the ranks of the animated dead protecting the artifacts.
Tomb Raider Underworld, Journal Entry


They are similar to the other thralls in that after Lara gets them lying on the ground she has to smash them to permanently destroy them. Alternatively she can destroy them with a headshot or using a grenade.

Similar Enemies

The Jaguar Thralls are similar to other thralls, especially to the Tiger Thralls


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