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Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Immortal Opponents
Distinctiveness Can not be killed
Weakness Iron Clapper

Hates fire

The Imps (also Little Demons) are an enemy encountered in Ireland, in Tomb Raider Chronicles.


Tomb Raider Chronicles

The imps are encountered in the Ireland Section of the game.


The Little Demon will poke you and throw stones at Lara. This can be quite harmful and during the Ireland Section, there isn't any weapons to use. When possible, avoid getting hurt by climbing on platforms and keep moving.

During a brief cutscene in the end of the level Gallows Tree, Lara uses the Iron Clapper to repel the Little Demons, since Father Patrick has told her that demons are allergic to iron.

In the level Old Mill, the imps will throw stones at Lara. She must throw a lit torch at the ledge where the Demons are, to make them distracted.

See also

A tool used by Lara to repel the imps
A lit torch is used to distract the imps

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