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Finding Documents is a side mission within the game. Overall there are 54 documents in the final game, which can be found throughout the Locations. The documents are split into different categories.

List of Documents in Tomb Raider 2013

  • Lara's Journals (10), Lara enters these at camp sites after important events

Found inside a wrecked jeep in the coastal forest. "From the diary of a soldier. He mentions Oni, demons from Japanese folklore. What could it have really been?"

Deleted Content

Some documents became known through early demos of the game, but were deleted in the final version.

Originally found inside a wrecked jeep in the coastal forest. "A frightened soldier dreams of return to life back on his farm in Japan." In the final version one finds "Soldier: Oni Stalkers" at this location.

Related Achievements/Trophies

Finding all documents will help you unlock three Trophies/Achievements.

Find 25% of all documents
Find 75% of all documents
Find all documents, relics, and GPS caches