Soldier: Last Stand

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Soldier: Last Stand is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the six Wartime Intelligence documents.

It is found in Chasm Shrine at coordinates 53N 712593 UTM 3416262.

These poor soldiers, they had no idea why they were here. And they died alone. I've got to stop this.


We never... never had a chance. They were waiting for us, hundreds of them. We never even made it to the sacred chamber. From the beginning, we were doomed. And now I wait for my ancestors to take me.

I can hear them. The Oni are killing my brothers, eating them, consuming their souls. SO much death. I'm the last one. What is my fate? Will I become one of them?

Ancestors hear me. Please, take me away from this, before the Oni come for me. Please take me to the afterlife. Let me die in peace.[1]


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