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Alone is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the seven Diaries of a Madman documents.

Mathias sacrificed his fellow survivors to learn something new about this island. What kind of twisted man does this?


6 September 1982

I am alone now. The rest of them are dead. This is for the best. I watched from the cliffs as their makeshift boat was tossed and turned by the storms. The clouds looked like a hand upon the water, desperately clawing at their doomed boat. None survived the wrath of the storm.

I observed it carefully - the storm was localized and sudden. And just as suddenly it was gone. And this is the most interesting detail: it didn't seem random. I sensed... emotion, something deliberate. I don't know what's happening on this island. Not yet. But if I ever hope to escape, I must understand this phenomenon. Now my real work begins.[1]


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