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Remark: This article describes the sub boss Takamoto in Tomb Raider Legend. For information about him as a character, see James W. Rutland Jr..


Tomb Raider Legend

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Cannot be killed normally
Weapons Grenades, piece of the Excalibur

Rutland is an enemy and a sub boss in Tomb Raider Legend.



Lara has travelled to Amahlin, Ghana to retrieve another piece of the Excalibur. Unfortunately James W. Rutland Jr. is also there, and Lara is forced to confront him.


Rutland is able to heal himself by using the piece of the Excalibur.


Rutland keeps on jumping on the ledges in the room. When he's close to Lara, he slashes her with the Excalibur piece, and when he's far on the ledges, he'll throw grenades. After Rutland has lost about a third of his health, he'll jump to a ledge to heal himself. So, it's no use trying to just shoot at him.

The goal is to shoot the red gemstones on the legdes to reveal magnetic spots to which Lara can attach her grapple, and the pull the legdes down so that Rutalnd can no longer jump onto them and heal himself. To shoot the gemstones, press interact when the Environmental Hazard icon appears.

While doing this, try to avoid being hit by the grenades and slashes of the sword fragment by jumping and rolling quickly. When all of the ledges have been brought down, you can keep shooting at Rutland, and maybe throwing a couple of grenades until he runs out of health.

See Also

The sword Lara is after and which piece Rutland has

Further Information

James Rutland Jr. grew up in a bubble of enormous wealth and privilege. He went to West Point and managed to graduate on his own merits, barely. As hard as it was, he's glad for it, because it gave him a sense of self-discipline and strength that he finds useful now that he's free of the military. He's a charismatic man accustomed to getting whatever he wants; however, this time the object of his desire is also sought by Lara Croft.
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