Madubu Gorge

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Madubu Gorge
Tomb Raider III
Section South Pacific Section
Level No South Pacific/3
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 90 minutes

Secrets 3
Location South Pacific
Level Chronology:
Crash Site Madubu Gorge Temple of Puna

Madubu Gorge the third level of the South Pacific Section of Tomb Raider III, and is set in an enormous area. This is the only level with the Kayak.


Still on the search for one of the meteorite artifacts, Lara finds herself near a dangerous gorge with rapids. After finding a kayak, she manages to paddle down river and navigate through numerous channels and caves. Lara soon discovers a bizarre pool area which seems to be blocked by a plug mechanism. The heroine figures out how to tackle this obstruction and paddles, deeper into the watery temple.


Traps and Obstacles



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