Just Keep Moving

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Just Keep Moving
Tr9 level just keep moving.png
Tomb Raider (2013)
Level No 4
Location Coastal Forest
Level Chronology:
Woman Versus Wild Just Keep Moving At an Impasse

Just Keep Moving (previously known as Keep Moving Forward) is one of the early game sections in the TOMB RAIDER, after Woman Versus Wild.

Just Keep Moving takes place at the Coastal Forest location. There is a new Base Camp here called Forest Ruins, and a Day Camp called The Gate.


After eating the meat of the deer she killed in the previous section, Lara sets out again and discovers the door to a bunker like structure now open. An eerie music is playing inside. As soon as she enters, the door closes behind her and she has no choice as to go on. She discovers a closed door she can't open at first, but after she discovers the Pry Axe she manages to break it open. Following the dark and damp passage she emerges back outside and find Sam in conversation with Mathias. The sections ends here and the game continues in At an Impasse.


  • Exit the forest and regroup with Roth
  • Find a way out of the forest
  • Explore the bunker
  • Exit the bunker
  • Investigate the strange voices
  • Survive the wolf attack
  • Catch up with Whitman



At the Coastal Forest there are a total of 5 GPS Caches, 3 Relics, 5 Documents and 10 Totems to be found.

Set of 3 Relics found in Coastal Forest



More Gear
The first type of axe


First encounter is during a Quick Time Event and the second when going towards Whitman
Mostly harmless, but might occasionally charge at Lara


Shoot 10 Totems hanging from trees and bridges.

Typical Scenery of the Level