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The Harpoon Gun (or Spear Gun) is a weapon available in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask, Tomb Raider III, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider Underworld.

Is is unique as it can be used underwater and above water. Technically, it is not a harpoon gun, but a spear gun. The spear of a spear gun can be propelled through elastic power, pneumatics or an explosive charge.

It's best used only when in the water, against sharks, barracudas and divers. It's generally not that effective. If possible it's better if you climb out of the water and use the pistols. Although the Harpoon launcher can be more effective in a few circumstances. The Hydro Propeller uses the same ammo.

The harpoons Lara collects and fires in TR2 and TR3 are more powerful than the ones shot at her by divers, but their guns can fire continuously, while Lara must reload after every four shots. The weapon is totally useless out of the water, and only marginally useful as the only underwater weapon in the games.

Different Names


The ammunition for the Harpoon Guns are Harpoons. These are available as a pickup in Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask, Tomb Raider III and The Lost Artifact.

Tomb Raider Underworld does not feature ammunition as a separate pickup.

Games/Films Featured

Tomb Raider II

First Found: Offshore Rig

The Golden Mask

First Found: The Cold War

Tomb Raider III

First Found: Coastal Village/Lud's Gate

The Lost Artifact

First Found: Highland Fling

Tomb Raider Underworld

In Tomb Raider Underworld the Spear Gun is available throughout the entire game via the weapons selection menu.

Utilized primarily for undersea fishing, the Stingray T-40 Carbon speargun uses compressed CO2 to expel metal flechettes with razor sharp tips. The Stingray is a pump-action weapon where each fletchette must be chambered individually. Clearly superior both in accurary and range underwater, its effectiveness is dramatically redured on land.
In-game information[1]



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