Cleopatra's Guards

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Cleopatra's Guards

The Last Revelation

Classification Demigod
Weapons sceptre

Cleopatra's Guards are two demigods that Lara finds on the level Cleopatra's Palaces. When Lara sits on Cleopatra's throne, the two guardians emerge from both sides of the room. They guard the last pieces of the Armour of Horus and will attack Lara with their sceptres by throwing blue Energy Bolts or by rising their sceptres in a burst attack. Lara faces one guardian at the time.

The Guardians can be difficult to kill, but there is no need for killing them at all. The best way to kill them is to crouch in front of them and shoot with the pistols, if you do it right, you shouldn't be hit by their bolts.

You can also completely avoid them if you are fast enough to get the two pieces of the armour and exit through the hole.

These are the first demigods you face in the game, and they bear resemblance to other demigods and also to Seth.


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