Tomb Raider Anniversary Weapons

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The Weapons in Tomb Raider Anniversary are limited to four types.

Lara's regular twin pistols that can be used anytime and have unlimited ammo. She temporarily loses them in Natla's Mines in the Lost Island Section of the game. They are located within a cabin Lara has to enter from the roof.
The shotgun is the first additional weapon found in the game. Ammunition for this weapon, the so called Shotgun Ammo is limited and has to be collected. It is located in the Lost Valley, in the Peru Section. It is hidden behind the top most waterfall above the pond with the entrance to Qualopec's Tomb and can be reached from the damaged Suspension Bridge, or the grapple spot is was attached to.
This magnum-type pistols, which basically feel like the regular dual pistols, but are a bit stronger have limited ammunition. They are found within the amphitheater nicknamed The Coliseum. They are on the first platform reached with the grapple from the roof of the entrance.
These mini sub-machine guns are one step up from the 50 Caliber Pistols and also have limited ammunition, with more to be collected throughout the later part of the game. They are first found in the Sanctuary of the Scion within the Egypt Section, lying on the head of the Sphinx. Depending on the difficulty of the game this can be quite unnerving due to the fact that one can easily fall off the head or die at the "claws" of the Winged Atlanteans before reaching the next checkpoint.