Lost Island - Natla's Mines

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Remark: This article describes the level Lost Island - Natla's Mines in Tomb Raider Anniversary. For information about the level in Tomb Raider I, see Natla's Mines.

Lost Island - Natla's Mines
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Section Lost Island Section
Level No 12
Length (*)
  • Time Trial: 17 Minutes
Secrets 1 Relic, 4 Artifacts
Location Lost Island, Atlantis
Level Chronology:
Egypt - Sanctuary of the Scion Lost Island - Natla's Mines Lost Island - The Great Pyramid

Lost Island - Natla's Mines is the twelfth level in Tomb Raider Anniversary and the first in the Lost Island Section.


Lara has hitchhiked a ride from Jacqueline Natla and followed her to the Lost Island. She must stop Jacqueline Natla's evil intentions of using the Scion.

However, her task gets a bit complicated as Lara's weapons have been taken away from her. So, the first task is to reclaim the trusty Dual Pistols - and then confront Larson Conway, Jerome Johnson and Kold Kin Kade one by one.




In this level you can find one Relic and four Artifacts.

The Chalice of Torment is located in a crate hanging from the ceiling of the beginning area, the section of the mine with the pool of water and a boat. To get it, Lara must go back there after getting her pistols back, climb up to a section of a ledge where she an shoot the right side one of the two hanging crates. This makes it drop, revealing the relic inside.





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