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Suspension Bridges in the Caves

A Suspension Bridge is a type of bridge that is suspended by cables or ropes. Throughout the Tomb Raider Games Lara encounters many of these bridges of different makings: in Peru, in Bolivia and in the South Pacific.


The first occurrence of a suspension bridge is in the original Tomb Raider in the Caves of Vilcabamba in Peru. The second is also located in Peru, in the level The Lost Valley where Lara, upon entering the actual lost valley, is confronted with a large T-Rex. Above the valley a broken suspension bridge can be seen. It is later explored and Lara has to jump across.

Similar bridges are also found in Tomb Raider Anniversary. The first time suspension bridges are found is in the Wolf Bridge Room in the Mountain Caves. Two bridges span the cave and enable Lara to reach the room's exit. The ropes of the first bridge will tear when Lara steps onto the bridge, sending her down into the wolf pit. She can utilize the boards of the damaged bridge as ladder to get up to the platform on the left side of the room from where she can step onto the second bridge. Another bridge is located in the Lost Valley and a third occurrence, of this time a damaged suspension bridge, is in the Lost Valley level, up-river, near the finding place of one of the cogs.



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