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The Egypt Section is the third of the four sections in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

The section takes place in Egypt and consists of remakes of the levels of the original Tomb Raider.


Now as Lara has managed to get two pieces of the Scion and seen a vision when combining them, she sets out to search for the last piece in Egypt.

As Lara goes further into the depths of the Egyptian environment, she encounters very familiar-looking enemies: Cat Mummies, which she already saw in the Tomb of Qualopec. In addtion to many enemies, there are many lethal traps and rooms that require complicated moves to get past the traps and getting the required puzzle items and keys.

New characters are introduced in the course of the section: Kold Kin Kade and Jerome Johnson step into the scene after gaining the third piece of the Scion.



Traps and Obstacles