Tibet Outfit

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Tibet Outfit

Tibet Outfit is one of the outfits in Tomb Raider II and The Golden Mask.

In the cut scene before Tibetan Foothills, Lara is showed piloting a seaplane. She notices the leather jacket on he seat next to her and tries it on.

The jacket is the same that Bartoli's henchmen wore during the cutscene after Opera House, in the plane.

Worn In

The Outfit

  • brown leather jacket with white fur
  • mint green cotton/lycra swimsuit full length, scoop neck
  • brown canvas shorts, rolled to top of thigh
  • brown boots with beige laces, leather upper, rubber sole. White cotton socks rolled over top
  • black leather belt, 8cm wide with brass buckle. Leather holsters loop through belt at front and back, secured at garters
  • fingerless black leather gloves