Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life is the second Tomb Raider Movie and came to cinemas on July 25th 2003.

Jan de Bont was the director. The story was written by Steven E. de Souza and James V. Hart. Dean Georgaris wrote the Screenplay.

The movie has an approximate length of 1 hour and 52 minutes.



This time, Lara is tasked with finding Pandora's Box by agents from MI6, the object from ancient legends which supposedly contains one of the deadliest plagues on Earth, before evil Nobel Prize-winning scientist Jonathan Reiss can get his hands on it.

The key to finding the Box, which is hidden in the mysterious Cradle of Life, is a magical luminous orb that is supposed to be some type of a map. While exploring the submerged Luna Temple off Greece, she comes across the orb. However, it is stolen by Reiss' henchmen and so she recruits an old friend, Terry Sheridan, a former mercenary and Royal Marine who had spend his last couple of years in prison in Kazakhstan, to help her.

Lara and Terry embark together on an adventure that spans continents in an attempt to regain the orb. Their adventure takes them from the Great Wall of China, to Shanghai and Hong Kong where Reiss is engaging in shady dealings with criminal lord Chen Lo. Among the white-knuckle action sequences that take place during this time are the duo's entry by spaceplane, an intense fight scene in suburban Shanghai and the dramatic leap off the then-under-construction International Finance Centre skyscraper in Hong Kong, landing on a ship out in the Kowloon Bay.

Clues unveiled lead the pair on separate paths to the Kilimanjaro in Africa where they meet to continue the final lap of the journey. When Lara sends the info to Bryce and Hillary, Jonathan Reiss and his men infiltrate the house and capture them. Rendezvousing in Africa with Kosa, they obtain help from a local tribe for her journey only for most of them to be killed by a lot of Reiss' men upon his arrival. When Reiss reveals that he captured Bryce and Hillary, he threatens to kill them and Kosa if she doesn't lead them to the Cradle of Life. Soon they face perils such as a forest full of shadow monsters that kill immediately when they sense movement and black acid that can destroy anything. Terry eventually arrives, frees Reiss' captives, and catches up to Lara. At the end of the film, Jonathan Reiss is knocked into the black acid, Terry attempts to take Pandora's box as a prize for helping Lara find it. This results in Lara being forced to kill.

Logical Errors or Unexplained Story Development

  • In the scene were Lara decodes the map hidden within the orb, she tells Bryce to contact Kosa to meet her, however by that time Bryce was already Reiss' hostage and could never relay the message, still Kosa showed up at the rendezvous point.

Miscellaneous Facts

Lara's 5-barrel dart gun is a real weapon called the Heckler & Koch P11 Underwater Pistol and is manufactured for certain Special Forces units [1]. Apparently, this weapon has never been officially acknowledge by H&K and does not appear on any official website.





The original soundtrack for The Cradle of Life consists of 16 songs.

1.Heart Go FasterThe Davey Brothers3:31
2.The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way)Filter5:15
3.Bad GirlAlexandra Slate3:36
4.Satellite (Oakenfold remix)P.O.D.4:52
5.The Last HighThe Dandy Warhols4:47
7.Leave You Far BehindLunatic Calm3:14
8.Jam for the Ladies (Jason Nevins remix)Moby4:01
9.Starting OverThe Crystal Method5:50
10.You Can't Look AwaySloth3:48
11.I Hate ThisNadirah 'Nadz' Seid3:35
12.Reason Is TreasonKasabian3:45
13.Into Hell Again3rd Strike3:12
14.Tears From the Moon (Carmen Rizzo Chillout mix)Conjure One6:06
15.Flight to FreedomDavid A. Stewart3:30
16.Pandora's BoxAlan Silvestri5:24

Not on this Album, but also a song in The Cradle of Life is Did My Time by Korn.


The score by Alan Silvestri consists of 15 tracks.

2.The Luna Temple7:43
3.Shark Attack3:18
4."I Need Terry Sheridan"5:41
5.Arrival in China1:46
6.Captured by the Shay Ling5:59
7.Escape From Chen4:19
8.Flower Pagoda Battle5:45
9.Skydive Getaway2:11
10.Orb Transmission1:42
11.Journey to the Cradle of Life6:24
12.The Cradle of Life6:33
13.Pandora's Box5:24
14."Not Meant to Be Found"0:45
15.Lara Croft: Tomb Raider0:51