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Lady Lara Croft
Nationality British
Occupation Archaeologist, Treasure Hunter, posing as Photo Journalist
Actor Angelina Jolie

Lara Croft has so far been the main character of two movies. A third film, based on the reboot was announced in April 2016.

Angelina Jolie Movies

The character of Lara Croft has been portrayed by actress Angelina Jolie in two movies:

In these movies Lara is living in the mansion her parents left her. We don't learn much about Lara's mother, just that she has presumably died. Lara's father Richard Croft was a member of the Illuminati and was killed by them.

Lara owns a huge selection of cars: an Aston Martin, a Mini, Landrover ...



More Bios:

Reboot Movie

On 29 April 2016 Swedish actress Alicia Vikander was announced to be the new Lara Croft in a third movies based on the reboot games beginning with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

As of now, no title or information on other actors has been released.


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