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The Croft Manor was depicted in the second Angelina Jolie movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and the Reboot Movie starring Angelina Jolie. In both cases the production team chose existing buildings that look similar to the Croft Estates from the Tomb Raider Games.

The Cradle of Life


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Tomb Raider (2018)

Croft Manor in the Movie

In the Directors Commentary to the First Trailer, director Roar Uthang reveals that the manor used in the movie is Wilton House.[1]The manor's website confirms this.[2]

Wilton House is located near Sailsbury in the town of Wilton. The post code of Wilton House is SP2 0BJ.[3]

The Manor in the Movie

In the movie Lara has grown up on the Croft Estate together with her father, Lord Richard Croft, after her mother Amelia Croft died when she was young. A park seems to belong to the manor, where most of the flash-back scenes from the movie take place, while there also seems to be a forest where a teenaged Lara learned shooting her bow.

After her father's disappearance the manor and the gardens seem to have deteriorated somewhat. When Lara visits the family crypt on the estate it looks like it has been neglected for years - which it obviously has since she has refused to accept her inheritance.

When we see the manor again towards the end of the film there are people working in the gardens and it looks like Lara is about to move in again.


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