Terry Sheridan

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Terry Sheridan
Died 2003
Kenya, Africa
Nationality Scottish[1]
Education Royal Marine
Occupation Mercenary
Movie(s) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Actor Gerard Butler

Terry Sheridan is a character from the second Tomb Raider Movie Cradle of Life.

He is played by Scottish actor Gerard Butler.

Terry is an ex Royal Marine who, according to the movie novellisation, stole artifacts recovered in North Korea and sold them on the black market. After betraying the Marines, he became a hired mercenary. Lara gets Terry out of Barla Kala prison so he could help her find the Shay-Ling, who have stolen the Orb from her, in the Luna Temple. He accompanies her through the adventure.

In Hong Kong Lara leaves him behind. She chains him to the bed, fearing she can not trust him any more. When Terry finds out that she has travelled to Kenya, he follows her.

At the end of the movie Lara kills him to stop him from taking Pandora's Box.


  1. During the dialogue when Lara and Terry are driving along the Great Wall of China, Lara refers to him as a Scot