The Angel of Darkness Inventory

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The Inventory in The Angel of Darkness can be called by pressing the Tab key on PC or the Select button on PlayStation 2.

The inventory consists of five subcategories:

  • Health
The inventory of Health Items collected.
  • Weapons
The inventory of Weapons collected.
  • Items
The inventory of puzzle or pawn items collected.
  • Notebook
The diary of Werner von Croy, containing all information he has collected. Information Lara collects is added to the notebook as well.

Additionally it lists the amount of money collected in the top left corner.

In the inventory the player will find a summary of the money (), Health Items (Health), Weapons and other pickups (


In The Angel of Darkness the player can find five types of first aid items.

Energy boost. Restores health 10%.
Stamina boost. Restores health 20%.
Contains limited medication. Restores health 60%.
Prevents bleeding. Restores health 40%.
Extensive medication. Restores health 100%.




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