The Ancient World

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The Ancient World
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Coastal Thailand Section
Level No 2.3
Secrets 3 Treasures

1 Relic

Location Southeast Asia, Thailand
Level Chronology:
Bhogavati The Ancient World Puppet No Longer

The Ancient World is the ninth level in Tomb Raider Underworld and the third of the Coastal Thailand Section.


Discovering the powers of Thor's gauntlet, Lara manages to open a massive stone gate. In the inner chamber she finds a pedestal similar to the one where she found the first gauntlet in the Mediterranean. It is empty. Lara discovers traces of a map that has been once located above the entrance but has been destroyed. Carved into the pedestal's surface she finds a message left by her father, reading "Natla, I see your goals and am your puppet no longer. RJC", which leads Lara back home to the tomb of her grandfather.


  • Use the grapple to get down.
  • Open the gate using Thor's Gauntlet.
  • Explore the central chamber.
  • Move the walkway towards the exit.


This level contains only secrets, no artefacts nor Health Packs.


This level contains 3 treasures and one relic.

  • 1st Treasure
After opening the door to the chamber with the tree and a walkway, turn left to spot a Grapple Ring right next to the entrance. Use the grapple to descend along the wall, landing onto a ledge with the first Treasure layin plain at sight.
  • 2nd Treasure
After the cutscene, drop down along the ledges on the center structure to land to the bottom of it. Rotate the structure to the right as far as it goes, revealing a small alcove with the second Treasure hidden within.
  • 3rd Treasure
To get the third and last Treasure of the level, Lara must use the turnable walkway. From the position the walkway is after obtaining the second Treasure, go to the left from the small alcove, jump across the small gap on the ledge and use the grapple to Wall Run across the deep pit. Grab the movable walkway and pull it counterclockwise until you reach the broken end of the ledge. Leave some space to the left, enough for Lara to get to the other side of the turnable walkway and then push it as far as it goes towards the broken end. Wall Run again to cross the deep pit, go to the left, climb up along the center structure. Now the walkway should lead straight to the Treasure, which is a bit to the left from where the walkway ends.
When you move the central structure a bit more counterclockwise, a brief cutscene shows how you've managed to get the walkway to the exit. Climb up along the center structure and face the walkway. Do not leave yet, as leaving the room drains out the power in the Thor's Gauntlet, making it impossible to retrieve the Relic! Instead, walk along the walkway towards the exit until you're standing near the Grapple Ring on the left side of the walkway. Drop down to hang from the ledge, then let go, quicky using the grapple to attach Lara to the ring. Wall Run to the left of the walkway, grab and move the walkway counterclockwise just past the next vertical stone beam. Leave enough space for Lara to get to the other side. Wall Run over the pit again, move left of the central structure and climb up along it. The walkway should now be between the Thor statue and the exit, making it possible to reach both. Go along the walkway, hop to the left, right next to the statue to find the Relic near Thor's left shoulder.


Traps and Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


As the level throws a lot of spiders at the player this can be a perfect spot to obtain the Grenadier and Master Grenadier achievement / trophy.

Typical Scenery of the Level