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Statue depicting Thor in Tomb Raider Underworld

Thor is the red-haired and bearded nature god of thunder in Norse mythology and more generally Germanic mythology. He is the son of Odin and Jord. He carried a hammer, Mjolnir, as a weapon, and it is said when the hammer struck, lightening was produced.

Tomb Raider

A room in St. Francis Folly from Tomb Raider I is dedicated to Thor. If you enter the room, you'll spot spheres hanging from the ceiling. These emit Lightning bolts that may harm Lara if she's inside the circle of grey tiles. In the next large room you see a large hammer. Stand on the marked floor tile until you hear a creaking and then run away. Lara will be killed if she still stands on the platform after that.

After the hammer slams on the platform, two Moving blocks will drop from above. Lara can use them to climb higher up by pushing them on the appropriate spots to get the Thor Key.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary this room was replaced by Haephestos.

Tomb Raider Underworld

Thor also plays a major role in Tomb Raider Underworld as Lara searches for his hammer Mjolnir to enter the Underworld known as Avalon, or in Norse mythology Helheim, and destroy Jacqueline Natla once and for all. To find the hammer however Lara has to first find Thor's Gauntlets and his belt.

Lara's first run in with Thor's legacy is in the Mediterranean where she finds his first Gauntlet guarded by a giant Thor statue. She then heads to Thailand, where she assumes the second gauntlet is hidden, but she only finds the Thor statue and a message left by her father which makes her suspect that the artefact is hidden under the family crypt in Croft Manor, which it is fact in.

In Mexico Lara can then find Thor's Belt which powers the two gauntlets.

The hammer is hidden on Jan Mayen Island.


Lara's journal has the following to say on Thor:

  • Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology and is most known for his mighty weapon, Mjolnir, variously described as a battle axe, a mace, or a war hammer, though most commonly as the latter. Among other powers, it could supposedly channel lightning against Thor's foes. Just as the legend of Excalibur was a myth built up around an ancient artifact of great power, the myth of Thor's hammer might be a distorted description of a real ancient weapon.[1]


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