Richard James Croft Sr.

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Richard James Croft Sr.
Born 1902
Died 1965
Children Richard James Croft Jr.
Game(s) Tomb Raider Underworld

Richard James Croft Sr. (1902-1965) is Lara's grandfather in the pre-reboot storyline - in Rise of the Tomb Raider it was established that her grandfather's new name was Benjamin Croft.

Richard James Croft Sr. is first mentioned in Tomb Raider Underworld where we learn that he is buried in the Family Crypt underneath Croft Manor.

During the game Lara finds a note written by her father, Richard James Croft Jr., which he signed "RJC", using his middle initial which he usually did not do to avoid confusion with his own father, as a hint, pointing Lara towards the tomb of her grandfather in the Croft Family Crypt.