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RJC initials

RJC are the initials of Richard James Croft, the name of Lara's father and grandfather.

In the Thailand level The Ancient World of Tomb Raider Underworld Lara discovers a message to Jacqueline Natla, left behind by her father, reading Natla, I see your goals and am your puppet no longer. signed with "RJC". According to what Lara says upon discovering the message, he never used these initials, including his middle name, before, to avoid confusion with his father. He felt safe to do so as Natla was not aware of it and it would mean nothing to her, for Lara however this was a vital clue leading her on in her search for the second Gauntlet of Thor, which she had originally suspected to be in the chamber she found the message in. Lara saw the connection to Richard James Croft Sr., her grandfather and searched his tomb in the Family Crypt under Croft Manor for further clues.